Skill Development

Skill Development

The process of identification of the skills gap in youth and providing skilling training & employment benefits to them. Our skill development programs aim to acknowledge the ability of the youth and extend their support by serving them with the proper guidance, infrastructure, opportunities, and encouragement that help them achieve their ambitions. Education and skills are essential for everyone, and they both walk hand in hand in everyone’s career journey. They are the roots behind the economic growth and community development of a country.

The benefits of our skill development include increased business profits, improved performance, improved accuracy & quality, improved communication, complies with rules & regulations, improved recruitment & career opportunities, and development of good customer relations.

Product development studio

3D Printing

Turn Your Ideas into Objects with 3D Printing. Obtain a rich understanding of what 3D printing is and how 3D printers work and develop skills in 3D Modeling.


Internet of Things

Engage the Technology that Drives Industrial IoT. Master the key skills required to be employed in the Industrial Internet of Things space.



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Additive and Subtractive Operations

Additive and Subtractive Operations

Acquire a set of tangible skills that will allow you to design, prototype, manufacture, and share (or sell) physical objects.

Program Delivery

Certifications from

Wipro 3D

Leading provider of Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Advance Mechanical Services

Automation and Engineering Technology conglomerate
Dr. U. Chandrasekhar
Addwize, Wipro3D
Program Director

Your service on project execution including the system design, prototyping, design iterations, QC, testing, packaging and delivery is very satisfactory, and we acknowledge the same through this note of appreciation.

Mr. Haril Joshi
EBZ SysTec India Pvt. Ltd.

We are quite satisfied with the professional approach of sales as well post sales team in terms of pricing/delivery/installation and further support. I wish you lot of success, and all the best for your other business deals.