Automated body in white production

One of our core businesses is the production of fully automated bodyshell lines for all vehicle body parts. Our product portfolio includes the initial conceptual design of the equipment in the course of an SE examination and the development of a plant concept, taking all customer-specific requirements and boundary conditions into consideration.

Masters of robot joining technology

White Production

Automotive Body shop Engineering capabilities include BiW Tooling & Fixture Design, Digital Manufacturing,
Discrete Event Simulation, Ergonomic Analysis, Factory Layout and Documentation for various OEM standards
including GM, Daimler, BMW, VW, FORD, Audi and Volvo.
Automotive Tool Design capabilities include design of various tools such as Load Fixtures,Geometry Fixtures,
Re-Spot Fixtures, Passing Tables, Racks, Trunnion Fixtures, Ped Welders,Gun Stand, Glue Stands, Gripper Stands,
Stud & Nut Welders, Grippers, Assembly Fixtures, Roller Hemming Fixtures, Hand Tools, Checking Fixtures,
Framing Station Fixtures, Conveyor Pallets, Part Hangers, Curing Tools, Pull-off Carts, Laser Application Fixtures,
including fixtures for some Special Applications such as Piercing Units, Manual Hoists for various Applications such
as Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Laser Welding, Stud/Nut Welding, Roller Hemming, Gluing, Material Handling,
Machine Tending, Press Automation and for Curing, Clinching and Measuring applications.

Positioner turntable for body side passenger car Welding fixture with swivel mechanism as preloader "Gripper/pincer" with combi tool

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