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Introduction to 3D Printing and CAD Modeling

Course Description

This course introduces Additive Manufacturing Technology, one of the  Emerging Technologies. It enables students to choose the best Additive  Manufacturing technology for a given application. By the end of this online  course the candidates understand how to define essential geometry terms  and they relate to 3D Model, create optimized 3D Models, convert 3D  models to STL files, slice & build the created model in a 3D printer.

Who can attend?

Manpower in IT/ ITeS/ Non-ITeS sector who are keen to undergo a significant change in their career path.

Architects, Civil Engineers, Graduates, Interns and apprentices with a passion to create useful objects.

Any under graduate/diploma student interested in pursuing a career in additive Manufacturing.

Students pursuing Engineering, Professionals working on design & development activities and others who would like to develop competency in additive manufacturing, Research students, Teaching professionals & faculties, 3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing Enthusiasts.

Course Content



  • Evaluation of 3D printing
  • Various 3D printing technologies
  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM)  in detail

Module 2 - CAD Modeling


  • Creating support less      designs
  • Optimizing for orientation
  • Achieving accuracy and fit


Module 3 - Prototyping using 3D Printer


  • Design guidelines for printing
  • Designing assemblies
  • converting CAD model to .stl format
  • Print settings



90 Hours - Self Paced Course (Candidates need to complete the lectures on their own pace ideally within 1 month)

Registration Process:

        Prerequisite: NIL

Fee: Rs. 1180/- (include GST*)

*Rs.400/- for Course Fee + Rs.600/- for Assessment Fee

Assessment fee shall be reimbursed# once by NASSCOM after successful completion of the  assessment and Certification.

# Candidate needs to register in FSPRIME Platform ( for Fee  Reimbursement


A Certification by NASSCOM will be provided after successful completion of  assessment.

Interested students can also apply internship at advance mechanical services.

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